About Us

The journey began 20 years ago as a quest for beautiful, quality candles which then became a passion that inspired my candle making.

Initially making traditional paraffin candles in beautiful scents, shapes, and colors, when soy became a viable option in 2007 it was clear that making the shift to soy was the right and healthy decision. After experimenting and testing many soy blends, I found pure soy to burn the cleanest, and blending pure soy with premium essential oils eliminated the toxins that are inherent in traditional fragrance candles. The desire for a pure, non-toxic, healthy candle made the decision to use only premium, pure essential oils the clear choice. 

Still desiring beautiful colors, rather than adding dyes to achieve this, I decided to offer candles in exquisite jewel-toned glass vessels. Each vessel can be reused and added to your collection.

The sensory joys of the essential oils, coupled with true aromatherapy benefits and pure soy in beautiful glass vessels, is the purity and simplicity of Universal Candles.

Universal Candles are created with premium ingredients that are pure, natural, and plant-based. We start with 100% all-natural vegetable wax made from American grown soy beans – a biodegradable, renewable energy source. We then combine premium essential oils with the soy, blending until the oils completely saturate the wax. We use only lead-free, paper wicks (they burn cleaner than cotton wicks). This aromatic blend is hand-poured into our beautiful glass vessels (which are reusable). The result is a premium, luxurious Aromatherapy candle, created with a unique combination of purity, simplicity, and love.

Pure, plant-based aromatherapy.

Petroleum Free - No Synthetic Fragrances - No Synthetic Colors or Stabilizers - No Animal Testing - 100% Pure Essential Oils - Paraben Free.

Non-toxic, and good for you!